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Traditional face-to-face teaching by experienced and highly qualified teachers ensures that learners get the most out of each lesson.


Learners will gain a sound knowledge of mathematics provided that they attended lessons regularly and complete their weekly assignments.


The attitude of learners towards mathematics will gradually change and their confidence in the subject will drastically increase.

How are lessons conducted?

We keep the classes small and focus on a traditional face-to-face teaching methodology. We find that with mathematics – old school is the best way.

Learners are provided with weekly assignments to practice the work that was covered in the lesson. We expect assignments to be completed and submitted to the tutor at the following lesson. We don’t expect perfect work; we do expect a real effort.
If the learner experiences difficulties completing the assignment, the learner can have free extra lessons with the tutor to complete the assignment provided:

    • The learner has attended at least 80% of all lessons conducted as at that point in time;


    • The learner has submitted – and attempted – at least 80% of all weekly assignments as at that point in time.

Both conditions will apply.

Learn About

Who Are We?

Katapult Maths was founded in 35 years of teaching experience.

With a special love for Mathematics and Statistics, the Director and Head tutor, decided it was time to use his particular skill set to help the younger student (having previously focused on tertiary-level learners).

Renowned for his teaching methodologies and passion in the classroom, he trained other tutors to follow suit.  Together, as a team, they transfer the love and magic of mathematics to a new generation of learners.

Lessons When do the lessons take place


Grade 8 learners – 15:00-17:00 Tuesdays
Grade 9 learners – 15:00-17:00 Wednesdays
Grade 10 learners – 15:00-17:00 Thursdays

Semester 1

Week 1

Ending 6 March

Week 2

Ending 13 March

Week 3

Ending 20 March

Week 4

Ending 27 March

Week 5

Ending 3 April

Week 6

Ending 10 April

Week 7

Ending 17 April

Week 8

Ending 24 April

Week 9

Ending 1 May

Week 10

Ending 8 May

Week 11

Ending 15 May

Week 12

Ending 22 May

Semester 2

Week 1

Ending 21 August

Week 2

Ending 28 August

Week 3

Ending 4 September

Week 4

Ending 11 September

Week 5

Ending 18 September

Week 6

Ending 25 September

Week 7

Ending 2 October

Week 8

Ending 9 October

Week 9

Ending 16 October

Week 10

Ending 23 October

Week 11

Ending 30 October

Week 12

Ending 6 November

Details Course Details


We offer mathematics lessons to Grade 8, 9 and 10 students only.

These lessons take place once-weekly for two hours per week.  They run for a course of 12 weeks (one semester) or 24 weeks (both semesters) – depending on your preference and needs.

Registration for Semester 1 and Year Course must be complete by 2 March 2020.  Registration for Semester 2’s deadline is 17 August 2020.

Details About

Course Pricing

Please note that the first half of the syllabus will be taught in Semester 1 and the second half in Semester 2.

  • 10200
  • Payment terms:

    R10 000  for 12 weeks (2 hrs per week)

    + R200 once-off registration fee

    • R7 200 upfront
    • R 3000 by end of April OR September (depending on Semester selected)
    • *2% discount if the full amount paid upfront

  • 19200
  • Payment terms:

    R19 000 for 24 weeks (2 hrs per week)

    + R200 once-off registration fee

    • R11 200 upfront
    • R4 000 by end of April
    • R4 000 by end of August
    • *2% discount if the full amount paid upfront
Details How it Works

Methods of Payment

A student has three options:

Cash or cheque at the School Reception.

Direct Deposit into the School bank account (see details below).

NB Bank charges levied on CASH deposits will be for the account of the student and/or parent or company.

Electronic funds transfer.

Banking Details



The School does not operate a credit card facility

If an account remains unpaid for more than 30 days from the date it was due for settlement, the School reserves the right to levy interest at the rate of 1,00% per month from the due date to the date of final payment.

REG NO. 2015/410165/07

School Details


Do Katapult Maths tutors help with school homework?

Ordinarily, no. Our tutors teach skills and problem-solving in mathematics.  We find that helping the individual with homework disrupts the flow of the lesson.  Any assistance with school homework will be charged separately at R400 per hour. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a 12 week course (one semester) and a 24 week course (two semesters)?

As the course runs over the period of a year, the 24 week course covers the whole syllabus for the relevant grade.  A 12 week course will cover half the syllabus.  Which half depends on whether you enrol your child for the first or second semester of the year.

2. What if my child misses a lesson?

As Katapult Maths is following a tight schedule, we cannot easily repeat lessons.  However, if your child was sick and is able to produce a verifiable sick note, we will, at our discretion, repeat the lesson free of charge.

3. What if my child is late for a lesson?

If a learner is more than 30 minutes late on two separate occasions, this will be treated as one day absent.

4. Where are the lessons held?

Lessons are held once-weekly at our Katapult premises in Bedfordview.  The address is 46 Arbroath road, Bedfordview.

5. How do I enrol my child at Katapult Maths?

Call us on 011 615 2128 or send us a private message on Facebook, alternatively send us an email enquiries@katapult.ac.za